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Bathrooms one of the most complex rooms in a home to renovate, our method, procedures and products mesh to produce a successful outcome all the time. We are one of very few who have an accredited (MBA – Master Builders Association) Water Proofing Licence to provide peace of mind that your bathroom comes with a Waterproofing certificate of compliance. A Bathrooms complexity is born mainly from its ability to contain water in a controlled area by channelling this to a drain rather than it penetrating into other rooms. We achieve this by exceeding the method as set out by the Australian Standards and the Master Builders Association.

1. All our bathrooms are prepared and sealed with an approved Water proofing membrane by Davco, which provides the greatest flexibility to movement and maximum water proofing protection minimizing the likely hood of water damage. This waterproofing stage sits beneath the tiles protecting all timber surfaces from damage. We waterproof the entire shower area floor and wall, This method of application exceeds the requirements of the Australian standards for bathroom waterproofing. This process prevents water from wet areas (Bath/shower) penetrating plaster / Cement sheet and damaging or rotting timber, Plaster board etc, and causing major structural problem.

2. We add into our grout a water proofing additive to minimise water penetration and reduce mould. This additive also increases adhesion to the tile by allowing the grout to be more flexible.

3. We avoid using water resistant plaster the cheap and fast method to cover walls that will be exposed to water. We ONLY use Cement sheet just like the “Old school method” which has greater strength to hold tiles and will not deteriorate like water resistant plaster board the most commonly used method today (Many renovators use water resistant plaster due to cost and time saving).

4. All tiled corners and joints are sealed with an approved flexible Silicone sealant which allows for movement and is less likely to crack over time like grout.

5. We only use brand name products which are well known in the industry.

6. We provide a Guarantee on workmanship

7. Where possible we provide quotes with a fixed price agreement which means peace of mind and one point of contact.

8. All our wet areas come with a Waterproofing Compliance Certificate which ensures the Job is done correct the first time. We waterproof the entire floor and wall (Around the shower area) which provides the greatest protection from future damage and peace of mind.


A place where family and friends come together!

We believe the kitchen is the hub of any home and deserves to be created with care and attention to ensure functionality and comfort!


When it comes to building, the use of proven and industry tested products testifies to a quality built project. We firmly believe that the method used for construction plays an important role to ensure each product serves it purpose by meshing together to form a superior outcome.

A homes strength is borne from the foundation it lays on. Our preferred method is the conventional sand beds with concrete footings. The quick and cost-effective foam or waffle method is one we avoid.

At Estate Building we believe “more the better”. Where possible heavier steel in slab foundation, better quality timber in wall construction and more bracing to support the construction from high winds testifies to the final outcome.

We build for the populous who want quality, a distinctive difference and building with a business who prides themselves on good communication. Build with ease and make your next project a pleasurable one.


When combining our Building skills and attention to detail, Renovating with Estate Building fixed price agreement bring a new dimension to “Building with confidence”.

Building with Confidence gives you peace of mind that unplanned or costly, unexpected surprises are no longer yours to deal with. Our methods and quality control ensures all suspect or damaged material due to its age is attended to immediately and replaced. This gives you confidence that your project is receiving the best possible attention to ensure a successful outcome

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